[][src]Struct k8s_openapi::WatchOptional

pub struct WatchOptional<'a> {
    pub allow_watch_bookmarks: Option<bool>,
    pub field_selector: Option<&'a str>,
    pub label_selector: Option<&'a str>,
    pub pretty: Option<&'a str>,
    pub resource_version: Option<&'a str>,
    pub timeout_seconds: Option<i64>,

Common parameters for all watch operations.


allow_watch_bookmarks: Option<bool>

allowWatchBookmarks requests watch events with type "BOOKMARK". Servers that do not implement bookmarks may ignore this flag and bookmarks are sent at the server's discretion. Clients should not assume bookmarks are returned at any specific interval, nor may they assume the server will send any BOOKMARK event during a session. If this is not a watch, this field is ignored. If the feature gate WatchBookmarks is not enabled in apiserver, this field is ignored.

field_selector: Option<&'a str>

A selector to restrict the list of returned objects by their fields. Defaults to everything.

label_selector: Option<&'a str>

A selector to restrict the list of returned objects by their labels. Defaults to everything.

pretty: Option<&'a str>

If 'true', then the output is pretty printed.

resource_version: Option<&'a str>

resourceVersion sets a constraint on what resource versions a request may be served from. See https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/using-api/api-concepts/#resource-versions for details.

Defaults to unset

timeout_seconds: Option<i64>

Timeout for the list/watch call. This limits the duration of the call, regardless of any activity or inactivity.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Clone for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Copy for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Debug for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Default for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> PartialEq<WatchOptional<'a>> for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> StructuralPartialEq for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a> RefUnwindSafe for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Send for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Sync for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Unpin for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

impl<'a> UnwindSafe for WatchOptional<'a>[src]

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